Help Me Rent Please

I have a fairly new IVA after I got into debt when my marriage broke down. I regret it immensely, and I am selling my property to settle it. I am moving from Bognor Regis to Milton Keynes for a fresh start. I have a job in place, but I am told I cannot rent due to the IVA. I have never missed a rent or mortgage payment ever, I am a clean and tidy, single professional female. I just need a break. Happy to pay upfront rent or find guarantor. Please help me?

Some landlords will rent to you if you are upfront about the IVA. We have, and the lady was a great tenant who paid on time and kept the place like a palace.

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I am being upfront. But keep getting told I won’t have a hope going through a credit check. I would also be the perfect tenant if given a chance.
Appealing to any landlord in MK. Please give me a chance? You would never regret it.

Good luck. I am Manchester so no use to you.

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