Referencing a couple - if one fails?


I am about to undergo referencing for a couple who want to rent my flat as i want to get the Rent Protection Insurance.

Partner 1 - wouldnt pass affordability
Partner 2 - would be able to pass affordability on the entire flat by themselves.

Even if one fails, as the other would pass on their own, would i still be able to proceed and get the rental protection insurance?

My understanding is if it is to be a joint tenancy they are referenced jointly. So the affordability would go on their joint incomes although one tenant may earn significantly less than the other. If one tenant has bad credit history it will adversely affect the reference for both of them. If this is the case you can reference the tenant with the good credit rating and have them as the sole tenant with the other person as a permitted occupier.

Thanks! It is to be a joint tenancy - but on open rents referencing status page, even though they are listed on the same application with one being a lead tenant, it says applicants are undergoing standalone referencing. Am hoping what your saying is true as that makes the most sense. is there a way to do a joint reference check on Open Rent?