Just keep getting let down

Desperately looking for a new home, keep being told on openrent when I apply for a property sorry only clean credit can we’ve been given a section 21 landlord wants to move back in.

We have poor credit, been honest with every house I’ve applied for, no luck at all they all say the same, guarantor which we don’t have 8r 6 months rent up front! Very unfair we are being penalised we’ve always paid our rent.

We gave to be out of our home 24th October 2021 and have no where to go.
Not sure which way to turn its made me ill.
Can anyone suggest anything.

So let’s se:

  1. Bad credit
  2. No one vouching for your economy (guarantor)
  3. No savings
  4. Being evicted
  5. Didn’t mention “we” have permanent jobs

Why would anyone choose you over someone else. Rent a room in a house instead.

It’s a very competitive market at the moment, most landlords wil get multiple offers and will go with best option. Only thing I can suggest is to borrow the 6 months upfront if one of you has a good credit history and can get a decent deal or if not borrow from family and pay them back over 6 months from the rent you won’t be paying. A lot of people won’t be able to provide a suitable guarantor but know someone who can provide an initial lump sum if they know you are reliable.

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We both work, I work for the NHS and ny husband works for soex, so yes we do work thankyou.

Why is your credit history poor? Do you have CCJs? If not you need to be very clear with landlords why your credit score is low. If for example its because you never borrow money, that might be seen as a virtue.


David 122 That about never borrowing is True .I have never had a credit card. or borrowed except for house mortgage .When I went for a loan to buy a previous house to live in I .was told I had a low credit score. But I do not owe anyone any money I told Them… that is the problem they said. .You do not even have a debit card… so I got a debit card and I got a loan also . Ridiculous…


There’s an agency called Housing Hand who will possibly act as a guarantor for a cost of course.

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We do gave ccjs caused by silly mistakes, but we’ve always paid our rent, our family moved out and now we are in a 4 bed house (3 empty bedrooms) and pay £1350, to make it clear our current landlord wants to move back in his property so issued section 21, I apply for properties on open rent and get ignored for speaking the truth( advised by Ashford borough council) which I find rude and disrespectful for not even answering us, I’ve worked for the NHS all through the pandemic but not 9ne person want to help us and give us a chance.

Have you tried here?

I know it says DSS, but the fact you are both working could work to your advantage

I’m not in that postcode I’m in Ashford kent.

That’s just the areas I am looking in, start a profile, then add the search criteria you are looking for, this is a site specifically set up for people on benefits, but the fact you are working could be advantageous, and should the worst happen, either you or your partner loose your job, then you have less risk of being evicted because of the “no dss” rule most landlords like to bandy about for whatever reason, it wouldn’t hurt to look

Thankyou darius I’ll have a look.

Ahh I hope I can help you both and this proves useful, but you are welcome :+1::+1:

Just to be clear, no landlord would evict you if you lose your job after you have moved it. There’s neither cause nor a point. They would evict you, however, if you can’t pay your rent.

And no landlords are allowed to have a “no DSS” policy anymore. What we are looking for, though, is having substantially more income than the rent, which DWP tenants don’t. Their universal credit (never?) covers market rents.

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Well, I am afraid I will have to disagree, just take a look around on here for example there are 100s of landlord who categorically state no DSS, it maybe illegal, but you cannot force a landlord to take on DSS tenants unless you enforce it by physical legal action, the No DSS rule seems to be more as a matter of guideline, not a fair housing option

I picked just 5 random properties, 1 in 4 considered benefits, but unfortunatly Landlords have a lot of power to evict tenants who have fallen on tougher time, so let’s make this clear, 4 examples I picked all stated no dss

Me and my husband earn £35000 between us, don’t claim benefits, paid our rent, landlord wants to move back in, we have know where to go.

I’m not DSS though we work, but can’t find anywhere to live…

It state dss/lha covers rent X it dosent discriminate, alot of insurance polices wont accept dss etc as a rule. You could still pay rent ie from a parent but payments from dss, no