Not suppling white goods

Decided i will no longer supply white goods and just a pain and are abused by tenants.

Does anyone not supply oven? I was going to supply electric oven only (with a gas hob) but thinking now i dont want to provide oven either, heard mixed opinion as to whether this is a requirement, pretty sure it isnt?

i never supply any white goods I leave a space for free standing items . Depends what sort of tenants you are aiming for

You don’t have to supply an oven/cooker, but I do.

Mainly because they have to be fitted properly and what fits in one property may not fit it another because (unlike washing machines etc which are standard sizes) cooker sizes vary.

And, round here, most properties come with a cooker, so it would look really tight not to include one, and if I were a tenant, it would make me think twice about what the landlord is going to be like re repairs etc.