Landlord cancelling viewing

Landlord cancelled our viewing late on the evening before the viewing, when my partner and I had already arranged to take time off work, claiming they’d already found tenants. This has cost us money. We’d travelled to be near the day before

That’s a shame unfortunately there is nothing you can do. If they have found a tenant they feed suitable it’s a waste of their time to show you a house/flat they have no intention of letting to you. While an inconvenience for you and annoying the landlord let you know it was cancelled

Very frustrating i know, as Kate8 has said, it just comes with the territory. Like when i travelled 200 miles to buy a car that had sold before i got there :angry:

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Happens a lot to landlords, too. In fact, for my viewings about 40% of people just don’t show up. Swings and roundabouts.


I’m looking for a 2 bedroom house or flat as long is ground floor witha rear garden around L7,L8 and L6.
I have 1 child 10 months old .

*Abel to accept universal credit
*Must accept kids
*must have garden/rear area

My monthly budget is £500 max pm
Thank you for the attention