Landlord has put my name on Water Bill

I have heard of all quiet on the western front. all seems quiet on the northey front… what has happened?

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He’s been arrested and imprisoned for not paying his landlords water bill :joy::joy::joy:


Amy, from distant recollection, I’ve got a feeling that, under Legitimate interest (GDPR), L/L’s are obliged to inform water companies of occupant’s details when the tenant is responsible for water bills - but I’d happily stand corrected on this. Agreed it’s not acceptable if contract states L/L is responsible for that bill.


…or for the rent he hadn’t paid in his other post :rofl:


Northey, I think you are jumping to your own conclusions. It is not uncommon for Utility Comps to send out these type of letters, they seem to get ;Ames and addresses from the Council. This certainly happened with me, so check before the accusation. Council sell on our data without following the very GDPR rules they spout.