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Landlord not replying to two emails


My disabled daughter and I emailed her interest in the 3 bedroom house at Aycliffe Road.
She is desperate to find a property due to the death of her present landlord.
This landlord didn’t even reply to my daughter or myself, which I felt was very rude,
they obviously don’t know what it’s like to live in fear of being thrown out on the street.
I’m pleased she was not considered for the tenancy, I wouldn’t want her to have such an
uncaring and ignorant landlord.


Landlords not responding

Hi, I’m sorry you’ve not heard back from the landlord on this property.

If a landlord is unresponsive it usually means the property is no longer available, but if you go to the OpenRent listing for this property and ‘Report Listing’, then we can follow up on this for you. If the landlord then does not respond their property will be removed.

A full guide on how to do this can be found in our Help Centre article below. The article also explains how you can set a property alert to your email, and how being the first tenant to apply can hugely increase your chances of being a successful applicant:

We do apologise for the lack of response from our landlord. Our system requires co-operation from the landlord, and when this doesn’t happen it is frustrating for both tenants and us.

Thanks, Elinor

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I have contacted this landlord twice to view the property and have not had any response yet the property is still live … ?? at least have the courtesy to reply