Landlord not replying to two emails

My disabled daughter and I emailed her interest in the 3 bedroom house at Aycliffe Road.
She is desperate to find a property due to the death of her present landlord.
This landlord didn’t even reply to my daughter or myself, which I felt was very rude,
they obviously don’t know what it’s like to live in fear of being thrown out on the street.
I’m pleased she was not considered for the tenancy, I wouldn’t want her to have such an
uncaring and ignorant landlord.

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Hi, I’m sorry you’ve not heard back from the landlord on this property.

If a landlord is unresponsive it usually means the property is no longer available, but if you go to the OpenRent listing for this property and ‘Report Listing’, then we can follow up on this for you. If the landlord then does not respond their property will be removed.

A full guide on how to do this can be found in our Help Centre article below. The article also explains how you can set a property alert to your email, and how being the first tenant to apply can hugely increase your chances of being a successful applicant:

We do apologise for the lack of response from our landlord. Our system requires co-operation from the landlord, and when this doesn’t happen it is frustrating for both tenants and us.

Thanks, Elinor

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I have contacted this landlord twice to view the property and have not had any response yet the property is still live … ?? at least have the courtesy to reply

Pig ignorant not to reply to an enquiry

I have signed my contract and am still waiting for the landlord to sign his, on the contract it shows today is the move in day. He has not replied to my emails, we have been in communication for two weeks. What could have happened? The only thing I had mentioned was about moving some things out, he said he was not happy with that and I agreed to his decision. After that he said I need to make payment but I am unable to do so as he has not signed the contract and OpenRent does not provide any further step until this has happened. I did send him the message saying this but nothing? Is he alright? How will I know?

Thats bad not to reply .Have you paid any money?

No thankfully, I have contacted OpenRent to help the situation. They will contact the landlord to remind him to sign. If he does not in 48hrs then I cancel the agreement but this does not help. As still looking for a place, two weeks we have talked as to why I am so confused, why the sudden pause?

only he knows… maybe he has had what he considers to be a better offer.

But he has re listed the property for Sep. How can you do this to someone? You know their situation and you go through all the procedures and then waste two weeks just to not get in touch?

did your reference come back ok or dont you know? Relisted for September?

Yes, everything came back green light. We have spoke in emails and OpenRent emails, no uncertainty, but now nothing?? Is he alright? I am boggled…?

Not very good we are not all like that

I am yet to enjoy the benefits. I believe that as well just not getting the same treatment in return.

You said, “The only thing I had mentioned was about moving some things out, he said he was not happy with that and I agreed to his decision. After that he said I need to make payment” and “he has re listed the property for Sep” then you asked “How can you do this to someone?” and “but now nothing?? Is he alright? I am boggled…?” Just by way of a possible explanation:

We are all different: some dismiss a whole report because of one spelling or grammatical error, others don’t. Some are polite and professional, others are not.

Only this landlord can tell you why they have not been in contact with you.

One possibility is that, like the spelling example, one slight disagreement, however minor and even if resolved, was used to completely dismiss you as a potential tenant, simply because the landlord cannot tolerate anyone, however nice, however reasonable, if they find any reason for concern, and one interaction may be that, as that implies more potential disagreements in the future. Short sighted: yes. If this landlord was like that, then that explains why the landlord did not come back to you, but simply re-advertised, because the landlord did not want any more interaction with you, for fear that it would lead to several discussions with them ending up with the landlord simply saying, “No, I don’t want you, go away”. None of this may be true, but in answer to your question, this is a possible answer. I do not know what the true answer is. Sad to say, accept the situation as a no go, and seek alternative accommodation. Sorry to say that, and good luck.

I suggest you put this behind you and continue to seek accommodation. I have been following these blogs for about a month now and have come to realise that their are awkward tenants and landlords that are not compassionate. However, I have also come to realise that many tenants try to rip off tier landlords, the landlords have learnt form bitter experience to be stricken who they take as tenants and especially now with Covid19, are doing their best to help their tenants.

Hi John,
My partner and I have never had any bad outcomes with landlords. We pay on time, respect the property, never throw parties, etc.
Thanks, to this unprofessional landlord we our now homeless! Do you know what that feels like? I have never been in such a uncertain situation like this before. Pick and poke on the language I use, makes the excuse not a very reasonable one. My partner has to go back to work in the next few days, council has no where to house us, there is a virus floating around! Have you any idea what that feels like? No you don’t, instead you allow bad tenants into your home ruin it and when a good one comes along, (because you are so upset from the last one) they pass all required searches, and because you ask about a little movement of furniture or even to change the locks (under our cost and to provide a spare key, which he refused), you panic? It’s a joke!
This is unacceptable in all cost.

No one knowingly allows" bad tenants into your home" as you stated… to have no communiction is bad. I would look elsewhere.

I’m sorry you feel so bitter. This has been a terrible experience, leaving you in an unprecedented situation for you.

Please do remember that most landlords do their best for their tenants, and I suspect act professionally in their communications, as you too have experienced in the past, I am sure. So do keep looking on Open Rent and in shop windows: even a shared place might do for now. I quick check I just did on the edge London revealed about 100 properties to rent within 2km of me and another location, but you may not be so lucky, as I have no idea where you are.

My apology for not correcting the spelling and grammatical errors in my last paragraph of my advice to you a day ago.

I have been nearly penniless and homeless, but not living on the streets thankfully, but almost so: I have had others bring food to me because they discovered that I was eating food from tins years after their use by dates when I could not even afford bread to buy.

Keep looking. If necessary, resort to a camp site or a camper van as I nearly did.

Call ‘Shelter’ and ‘The Salvation Army’: they may be able to help.

Call a counselling help-line if you can find one, like ‘Mind’ if they have one, otherwise the ‘Samaritans’ to help off-load your feelings and resentments. They may even be able to point you in the right direction. I have no experience of using the Samaritans, but I know non-suicidal people have used them to help with their anxiety and frustrations.

I wish you the best.

Good luck

Hi John,

Thank you for the advice you have provided.
Just to give you a brief update. We have been in touch with shelter, they have contacted my local council (Croydon) they have refused to call back with any useful tips, hope or even a conformation that our assessment has gone through. Shelter has called them three times, I have called them twice. When I finally got a call back the lady assured me that there was no where we could go! I then asked her, how is this possible? Then further into our conversation I asked her, do you have our assessment go through, I don’t know, I am only a social worker. Which made the picture clear she was not even the same person shelter had contacted.
We have place a request to all our local property agents (unfortunately it has been Easter weekend, so no response until tomorrow).
We are hard working, tax paying citizens and this is the response that follows to not only us but I am sure many others.
We have sent emails with people on SpareRoom, no replies (message read, but not even a single, room is taken).
We are fine in our situation, this path will soon pass. But to have a landlord drag two weeks, when probably knowing he did not want us there and have no excuse is truly unacceptable, in all way and form. How he can continue to place his property on rent knowing we had to move out on the dated contract he made up, is unbearable. It just shows landlords (not all) are becoming like their bad tenants.
We hope to get some response from someone tomorrow, if not we will continue to move forward!

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