Landlord stuck on two parts creating contract

Our prospective landlord has said he can’t get past two areas when trying to go through to do our contract

One is the gas safety check , which can’t be done as electric only property. But it won’t let him put not applicable

The other is the buildings insurance , he hasn’t got a renewal date as it’s done via the service charge .

Keen to get our contract done and signed to asking here for help

Hi Vicky,

I would just put in random dates in that case. I have a couple of properties that are electric only and I think I had a similar problem with the gas safety cert dates being N/A but no option to state this so I just put in a random date for next year in order to move the online form to the next stage. Maybe it’s cynical of me but I think it’s partly in there to promote Openrent’s own services offering gas safety certs etc.

Hope that helps.

Agreed. Put in random dates. None of it will appear on the contract anyway.