Landlord turned us down for a viewing

We enquired about a viewing of the 3 bedroom house on Victoria Drive, Llandudno Junction but we were rejected instantly by the landlord because we have a house cat. She is very elderly and unfortunately dying - she is unlikely to still be alive in a couple of weeks when we would be looking to move. We did put this in the message on viewing request s assuming the landlord wouldn’t allow us to take the property in case she survives the first few days we would be living in the house. We are very disappointed - we have been told by current landlord that we have looked after our house so well, she is increasing her rent significantly after we leave due to the value we’ve added to the property and we have two other landlords in the Conwy area asking us to consider their properties as our income and the way we look after our home is ideal but sods law, the Victoria drive property was the one we were most interested in as my wife’s mum and dad live around the corner in Y Glyn. No point to this post apart from to vent our disappointment and to urge landlords to take their no pets rule on a case by case basis - you could be missing out on your ideal tenant!

I think the landlord was a tad short sighted regarding your elderly cats. However many landlords won’t touch pets as even an old cat can make a lot of mess and the smell can really linger in carpets. I personally would always take a tenant with one small pet, as it shows a little stability. After all a small cats it not 4 large pit bulls, but neither is no pets at all.

But maybe you should thank yourself lucky as that landlord wasn’t flexible in his approach. And if it wasn’t that he may spit his dummy out about your younger brother staying on your coach for 2 weeks.

Your right the ideal tenant can come in all shapes and sizes even with a little cat in tow. Some of my best tenants have been on Housing Benefit now Universal Credit but some landlords would run a mile. If bad tenants all looked like The Hoarders next door, the world would be an easier place.

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