Landlord wants to replace entire toilet but only lid broken

Hello, I recently left a property but the toilet lid was broken (the toilet seat is full functional). The landlord has stated that the lid cannot be replaced, only the entire toilet and therefore will remove the cost for replacing the entire toilet from my deposit. The landlord has said they cannot source a replacement lid so need to replace the entire toilet. The cost is £300.

Thanks and I look forward to your response

Can you source one to prove landlord wrong?
Does the toilet have a brand stamped on it? If so contact manufacturer.

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This may drive you round the u-bend.


never seen a toilet that you cannot find a replacement seat for and I have replaced a lot of them

Sounds like LL is “taking the pee”


wee need to get to the bottom of this problem


This site has the lot…

I’m getting bogged down with details…


that is a good range of seats . I am sure it will all pan out for him


Yes, plenty of choice there, I hope there’s no cracks to be seen in the new one.


Hello and thanks for the replies (and the puns!)I’m no longer in the property so cannot source the brand to see if I can find a replacement, however the point remains, I presume I have grounds to contest this,

.I cannot believe that the whole pan has to be replaced just because of a toilet seat. contest it i would.

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I would suggest you contest the landlords claim and ask for the deposit scheme to arbitrate. There will likely be a third party seat and lid combination that would fit the toilet, but it would no longer look the same and arguably the design would be compromised. The landlord would have to convince the deposit scheme that this is not acceptable. Unless this is a very high end property, or at the very least a high spec bathroom, I doubt he will be able to do that.

Thanks for the replies.

I will offer a counter offer using the site that lists pretty much every lid under the sun and if not I will use the deposit scheme to arbitrate.

The flat is not high end, it was around 800PM rent.


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