Landlord responses

Myself and 2 others enquired about a 3 bed house as soon as it went live last week, after 2 days the landlord didn’t respond so we chased via open rent and sent another message explaining our interest. Now a week later we get a notification the property has been let and still had no response from the landlord. Can we appeal since the only reason we don’t place our security deposit was because he didn’t respond to our question?

what good will that do? if landlord not polite to respond , move on

Bear in mind that the landlord is likely to have had 10s of people interested. It is up to them to decide who gets a viewing or who gets asked to put down a holding deposit.

The is nothing to appeal against - you have no right to a reply, and no automatic right to view/rent the property, no right to place a holding deposit without being invited. Although it would have been polite of them to have responded.