Landlords' insurance for leashold flat

I have several unfurnished leasehold flats and in each case the freeholder arranges buildings insurance. I want insurance for landlord’s fixtures and fittings and legal liability but every insurer seems to add contents insurance to the policy. There are no contents of mine to insure.

Has anyone come across a reasonably priced policy without buildings or contents?

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have you tried thru a landlords association?

Do the flats include white goods Ralph? They can add up.


I don’t include anything movable! I would expect that built-in hobs and ovens would come under fixtures and fittings.

However, since post my original question I have found a very reasonably priced policy from Homelet.

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OK Ralph, glad you got it sorted!

In case you wanted another insurer to compare, I used this broker for many years on my leasehold flat.
They were able to provide an almost bespoke policy for a very cheap price.
I would also suggest that you triple check the buildings insurance arranged by the freeholder that you have to contribute to. For many years I was under the impression that the very expensive one I was obligated to pay towards, did not include fixtures and fitting such as kitchens, bathrooms, flooring etc. However on close inspection seeing the claims that had been made by other flat owners, I realised that it did actually cover these things, and so I had for years been paying extra insurance unnecessarily.

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