Landlord's problems & frustrations!

Hi Landlord’s,

I’m doing research on Landlord’s as I’m doing a course, could you tell me what are the biggest problems and frustrations you have as a Landlord?

Thanks a lot!

Paperwork. paperwork. paperwork forms forms forms. DSS who stilll apply when you list as not accepting… Finally people who blag you when they apply to a listing

Hi Stephen,
I agree with Colin, paperwork is ridicules for a Landlord however i wanted to expand on the DSS issues as there’s a huge issue in the system here especially under the discrimination ambiguity surrounding NO DSS being advertised issue too, i shall elucidate further;
When a landlord gets a mortgage it is here that the issue really arises as it is the mortgage companies whom actually discriminate by only issuing a mortgage on say a BTL with conditions such as;
Renting to Professionals only and further more this is mirrored in the buildings insurance and public liability obtained by the said Landlord as the buildings insurance is obtained similar to the mortgage i.e. Rented to professionals only for instance so a Landlord cannot legally/lawfully rent out their property unless they have specifically prior obtained a mortgage which permits them to rent out to say, a non-professional tenant which by the way would in-turn double the monthly re-payments almost and increase the Buildings insurance etc hence most landlords don’t do DSS as they simply cannot in most cases as is in mine as i want to rent out to DSS yet i cannot as i am bound by my Mortgage Lender and insurance to not to lend to DSS.
Also remember that the lenders are operating in-line with the Ombudsman so the discrimination must lye with the Financial Ombudsman but i can’t find anyone else online who properly understands this situation but me as most people especially tenants think its all the Landlords decision yet the Landlord is Bound otherwise by regulation/agreement.
Its a real con but true.

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May be worthwhile explaining to dss applicants why you cannot accept them .You are restricted… I am not but I wont take any because their “rent” money goes to them first and not to me. I tell them this.

If the rent is the issue then this can be overturned by the HB if you inform them why you don’t accept dss apparently.

provided the tenant has told the truth about their circumstances otherwise the council may try to get the money back from the landlord. They have to be 2months behind with the rent before the council will pay direct and then they pay in arrears Never dss for me

That is not the only situation as you can do what I suggested as some councils do this there was an announcement on it not too long ago

Interesting. I am asking people the same question. Maybe we are on the same course. :grin:
As a landlady my biggest frustration is the negative image portrayed everywhere about us as a group.
And then from time to time I get the rent-delayed frustration.

My tenants tell me I am a good Landlord I have got some great tenants With me now having more experience as a landlord I hope I ve got better . I dont feel any negative experience personally.I am always being asked do I have any spare places. So I feel ok.

Haha cool, feel free to message me and share ideas etc!

Share ideas…Yes do small jobs for your tenants without charging them, If they lose a loved one, send a card. Its not us and them when they are in one of my places Keep the common areas painted up. and clean the hallway carpets every 3 years. Put in new batteries for the smokies. There area lot of things particular to your own places It shows you care If you have good tenants dont put the rent up too much. No doubt you can think of more.

My tenants told me i was like family and we had a great relationship until they left 2yrs ago & i took them to Court for 3months rent & £9,500 damages & now they are saying i was a terrible Landlord.
Now if anyone asks me if my tenants are good or not i tell them that i wont know that until after they have vacated…

I seem to have done pretty good compared to your experieces. But I suppose the more places you have the greater chance of having bad tenants

Thats for sure, for sure
i have implemented new tactics to try and prevent unnecessary issues though, so there is light at the end of the tunnel, with rent i have found that the best prevention other than of the necessary checks is to send a invoice for rent as a kind of reminder via email and check the bank late at night same day of rent due by date & if not in and cleared then i write an email & send it either just past midnight or upon waking up next day, if no email response then i call and text and ensure it is tackled immediately so they know your not giving an inch hence they are more unlikely to try and take you for a mile and if they are encountering issues then these can be dealt with immediately rather than just letting days turn into weeks which i have done many times before being reasonable, fair and friendly yet not anymore, no rent or late rent = immediate attention until paid/resolved.
I hope this info helps someone if not yourself as you sound like you are a experienced Landlord.

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Good idea about checking the rent is in . But I dont do online banking and my bank is miles away from where I live.(. I have never used a cash machine either… quite proud of that) I know it makes me a bit old fashioned, but I dont care. So I can only chek about rent when my bank statement comes thru.

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Wow, that sounds extremely risky indeed.
If you are happy as you seem to be then you can still set up phone banking and phone and get the answer Otherwise you may find out way too late and I have found out that some Crafty tenants Started testing the water and seeing what will happen when the rent was late as each time they pushed it a bit later and later and later and then nothing…

yes that is a good idea. I do not want to send or receive online. I have a few tenants who have a rent book and pay cash each month. That means I never have to get cash out of the bank for my personal use. I use a cheque book for my bills. I never have had bank charges in 50 years, I do not use a card. I am a dinosaur!

It’s all good and well until something goes wrong for you.
I am guessing you’re operating somewhere up north rather than London ?

Up north Merseyside. Good guess. Not the same pressure as in London!

What have you found the responses to be so far?