Legionella test requirement

hello all…

do I have to do this, my letting agent is asking me to sort it , they can do it for £90.00

There’s a legal duty for landlords to assess and control the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria, but they are not required to conduct a professional assessment or test.


yes its normally where you find dead water so if you have old header tanks in the roof say for indirect water heating tank or central heating tank they need to be inspected and also have a look at any outside storage tanks. maybe get your plumber to have a check when he is servicing the boiler and to make a note on his bill.
We dont typically have tanks for AC systems in the UK generally but if in a posh house or offices then these tanks are prime candidates for containing legionella. I think the bbc had a high tank for AC which held legionella and was disseminating it to all the area around. I guess fining them would only have come out of the licence fee so what would be the point