Letter to confirm tenants exit

Hi all,
My tenant has decided to go. I want to draft up a letter to ensure the tenant leaves on the said date defined in the AST and to ensure payments for all utilities, council tax etc are up to date as it’s their legal obligation. Can you forward me a template to be signed by all parties (tenant and landlord)?

Hi all,
Any templates knocking around? Even some pointers will help.
Many thanks.

Hi Motorstyling,

It’s not possible to write a letter that ensures a tenant leaves on a certain date. You can serve a valid notice to evict the tenant, but if the tenant chooses to, they can remain in the property until you obtain a warrant for possession, which could take some months.

Even if a tenant wrote to you saying that they will leaveon a given date (therefore giving notice to end the tenancy), I believe the normal eviction process would still have to be followed if they subsequently stayed put. A letter therefore may not be the best way to achieve what you are seeking to achieve?


It’s not to do with the end date, it’s more around a reminder of their obligations to pay utility bills, council tax etc. As a landlord, this is overlooked and a forwarding address is also needed for the new place they are moving too.
I hope that explains?

Hi, the essential thing is to get their notice in writing. Re utilities and council tax, there is not much you can do however any reasonable tenancy agreement will leave the liability clearly with them. The utility companies can not transfer the debt to the landlord in the event of non payment especially if you notify them of the date you become liable.

RE forwarding addresses you can only ask. If they do not give one it is worth returning post to sender so they know they have moved on and to reduce the risk of bailiffs turning up.

It is surprising how many tenants over the years who have always paid rent etc leave bad debts behind, hence return to sender of mail.


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Yes, I’ve got a template check out letter I give to remind them of things they need to do. Happy to forward to you.

Please - much appreciated. Thanks.