Letting agents can not provide a ref directly to Rentguard

Rentguard/Openrent are carrying out a tenant referencing at present and it appears the letting agents can not provide a ref directly to Rentguard- they have to send it to the tenant.
I am concerned that if the email comes via the tenant , it is very easy to edit the email content when they forward the email from letting agent to rentguard.
Should I be worried ?

I don’t understand why the tenant’s current letting agent has that policy. It sounds suspicious to me. If I were you I would call the agent and have an off the record conversation about the tenant.

Thanks. I have spoken to the tenant’s agency (a well known reputable one in the city) and they said it is their policy not to give details to 3rd party, but only give a PDF to tenant. They verbally confirmed all was ok for my tenant though.