Liability contract

Hello everyone

I currently leave in a house share with another tenant. We have signed a year contract in November 2017 that we have renewed in November 2018 for one yea again. As per the contract, we can vacate the property gy giving two months notice. I would like to leave but the other tenant wants to stay. I have given my notice to the agency on the 10 th of March to leave two months later but I have been told I need to find a new tenant and pay the related fees. I am ok to pay the fees however I struggle to find a new tenant. Could you please tell me if I have other possibilities?

Thank you

Hi Mel,

As this doesn’t seem to relate to an OpenRent tenancy, it’s best to reach out to your landlord directly to discuss this.

Tenants will often advertise on behalf of their landlords when they’re moving out of a property, though if you/the landlord were to advertise on OpenRent, the cost of doing so wouldn’t fall on you. Tenants can only be charged £20 when using OpenRent - and that’s only if you’re being referenced.

A port of call here would be for the landlord to advertise the room themselves on OpenRent.