Looking for home long term rent

Looking to rent 3 or 4 bed house, Uxbridge or Hertfordshire will consider other area’s too. Partner does reactive maintenance for big flour mill, always paid our rent. Needing to move has come unexpectedly and his credit rating is low will it stop us getting somewhere to rent? Anybody know? Got deposit and months rent ready to go. I’m just worried about his credit rating. Anybody know?

I dont think you will find out until they reference you

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Hi Donna,

If your in doubt about passing a credit reference speak to your friends and relatives about the possibility of using one of them as a guarantor. Doing the leg work now means your able to move forward with confidence should you find somewhere you like.


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There has been complaints in the same forum that people with ccjs were passing credit checks.

K.badri - if you have a CCJ you may pass a check to be able to rent, but wouldn’t pass a credit reference check. When renting, the check is different to being able to get finance.

Hi Donna,
We are currently doing out a house in Uxbridge not far from the Greenway which will be ready in around 2 weeks, so depending on your circumstances maybe this would be of some interest to you and family,

Let me know and we’ll go from there,

Hi Mandy3, or any other tenants on the forum, please I’m looking for 4bed house with shower birth downstairs or better still a bungalow with 3-4 bed.
Areas: Trafford, Flixton, Urmston, Sale or Partington.

Much appreciation to all who could help.