Looking to rent a 1 bedroom house/flat in Peterborough

Hi, I am looking to rent a 1 bedroom property in Peterborough or on the outskirts. I am in part-time employment, but I will need help from housing benefits as it is quite expensive to live in Peterborough. I am a reliable person with good credit however, I am struggling to find a landlord that accepts hb.

Thats because most Landlords are not allowed to rent to claimants

Hi Ally, you can search for all our properties on our site.

More info in my comment on this post:

Private landlords can choose whether they want to accept those who ‘claim’ but majority do not because of stereotypes and downright discrimination.

Thats your perception however not the case

of course we can choose who we want ITS OUR PROPERTY.

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i think it human nature to recognise when there’s a pattern, and colin is very correct that its our property so we choose what to do with it as one who owned a mobile phone would decide if they wish to loan out that phone or not.
Most landlords who choose to not rent out to DSS of their own volition is due to pattern recognition which Ally is calling stereotypes however i see it as a pattern such as i ask you Alley; how many times would you insert your hand in the fire before you recognised a pattern of pain strong enough for you to stop putting your hand in the fire…
Landlords would only not want to rent to a bad tenant this is clear, so why would you expect a landlord to want to rent to bad tenants!!!
Ally, have you never loaned a friend some cash & been messed around getting it back or a toy whilst a child, well if that has happened to you im sure you quickly learned that pattern and became more careful next time to whom you was to loan to again.

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