Missing Holding Deposit?

A potential new Tenant has informed me he paid the Holding Deposit for my property on Sunday.

I cannot find any record of it.

Has anyone else experienced missing or delayed Holding Deposits with OR ?

I have a new Tenant enquiry so don’t want to stick with the first if he hasn’t paid and potentially lose this new enquiry.

Now, the potential tenant has paid the Holding Deposit (so he lied when he said he paid it Sunday?)

Instead of a £112 Holding Deposit he paid £111 - is that the OR system allowing him to enter the wrong amount or the OR system asking for the wrong amount ??

He misspelt his name - so I now have to reject him and ask him to start again?

He supplied Guarantor details - why? - did OR ask him or has he supplied it by his choice? If he supplied it without being asked, I have to decide on 2 x referencing and also question why he supplied it unless asked.

IF OR asked him for a guarantor - why?

I am finding the OR system very difficult to follow as I have no way of seeing what OR are sending or asking potential renters.


Thanks for getting in touch.

I can see we have now answered these queries for you via email.

If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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