Moving from Canada to the UK

Hello everyone,
Me and my family are moving to the UK, from Canada. My husband is there at the moment working, he has been there for about 3 months now. We have no rental history in the UK.
What would be the process of renting? Will landlords have an issue renting to us? Can you give us some advice, hints, tricks so we can rent a proper house?

As long as you can pass ‘right to rent’ checks, have suitable income (usually from work and/or savings) to cover the rent and don’t have pets (not many landlords will let to people with pets) then you should be fine.
Some landlords ask for references from previous landlords or a UK based guarantor which maybe tough for you. However usually letting agents in my area only ask for proof of income (no landlord refs) and a guarantor if your combined annual income is below 24x the monthly rent.

I’m not sure what you mean by tips and tricks but if there’s a property you like and you can satisfy the above then you shouldn’t have an issue.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Unless your husband has an amazing job that is up north (ie not in the South East of England), I’d reconsider moving to the UK if I were you… I’d much rather be in Canada than on this miserable island.

If you have no option but to move here - be prepared to pay a sizeable % of your income for a tiny place, that the landlord does the bare minimum possible to keep it habitable…

You must have a bad landlord, Some of my tenants buy me a gift each year , and some have been with me 22 years

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