Moving out first time

Hi all!
I finally got approved for a property with my girlfriend, currently going through referencing. We are due to get the keys on 21st July.
What advice do you have for me and my partner? This is our first time moving out and we are kind of stressed by this whole situation.

the most stressful thing is living together


When you say first time moving out, do you mean that this will be your first experience of renting? If so, then you probably need a crash course in looking after a property and behaving in a ‘tenant like manner’, which by law all tenants have to do. Ask your parents about the first if this is an option, and read about the second. Also have a read about health and safety issues in the home so that you don’t put yourself at risk. Also make sure you read carefully through the tenancy agreement so that you know what you’re signing up to and be aware that its a legally binding contract and once signed, you are bound by it for its duration.
Good luck.