My gas safety certificate job

Good morning,

I am messaging as I recently had a gas boiler service which was far below par.

The engineer was aware of an issue and just simply said to try turn it off and back on again and call if it happens again.

Upon it happening again he has gone MIA and all but refusing to do the work.

It’s also come to light he uses a gmail address for his work which I would argue is a red flag.

Can you help me with this issue asap plesse!

Nothing wrong with using a Gmail address. Many sole traders use free email services. Do you have the engineer’s Gas Safe register number? You should see his/her/their credentials before work started on your boiler. You should be able to search for at least the company name on their website. Once you have the engineer’s name and Gas Safe number or the company’s Gas Safe number, go back to the engineer and let them know that they have two days to come back to complete the job before you report them to Gas Safe.

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