MyDeposit registration fund transfer delay

We are renting our flat for the first time.

Our tenants paid the final part of the deposit on Wednesday last week and I immediately got an email from OpenRent confirming this shortly followed by an email from MyDeposits.

I followed the link in the MyDeposit email to set up the password and account name on the account. I can see the address for our flat in MyDeposit. However, the funds have yet to be registered with MyDeposit.

OpenRent indicate that the funds should be registered by MyDeposit within a day of transfer. Five days have now gone by albeit much of this has been the Easter weekend (I.e. bank holiday). Has anyone else had a similar experience or any advice?

contact OpenRent here.

You have 30 days from receipt of deposit funds to get them registered with one of the deposit schemes. If the deposit is paid in instalments, (not recommended), then each has to be protected within 30 days of receipt.