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Wondering if other Landlords are experiencing a significant increase in no shows for viewings?
We’re fairly experienced Landlords and always ask questions before offering a viewing to make a judgement about responsiveness.
We had lots of interest in our recent advert and quickly agreed 7 back to back viewings for today.
We always send a message asking the viewer to let us know if they can’t make it and of course the viewers also receives a reminder from OpenRent 2 hours before they are due.
Of the 7 viewings we had 4 no shows! In the past we would have had maybe 1 or 2 but nothing like this.
Just wondering if we’ve just been particularly unlucky or if others are experiencing an increase in no shows.
It’s just so annoying and such a waste of time.

Seems to be par for the course for us. I would say up to half don’t appear.

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It’s amazing when there seems to be such high demand for properties.
Thankfully of those who did turn up we had one very strong tenant so we’ve been able to proceed without having to arrange anymore viewings.

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if they do not show up, you do not need them.

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Absolutely agree but I could do without wasting my time standing around waiting for them.

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I just say I will be there between times of x and y only . For everyone

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7 back to backs? Why don’t you just hold an open morning for a 2 hour time slot, seeing other people looking at the property will motivate people to take action once they see the level of interest. I wouldn’t waste my time expecting people to show up, normally 60% don’t and of the 40% who do then half are a waste of time. So it means for every 10 time slots you attend you only get 2 potentials.


Have considered open viewings but I quiz viewers quite directly when I meet them and it wouldn’t be fair to do that in front of other people traipsing round the property.


Mind you, all my properties are in my home town.

Question quietly in another room

Yes it’s certainly worth considering for the future. We’ve booked individual appointments like this years so that we get an opportunity to ask detailed questions of potential tenants and try to get a feel for their suitability. In the past we may have had one or two no-show which is fine but if it continues like this we’ll certainly have to do something differently to save wasting our time.

Nah, I like to concentrate on one thing at a time. With people milling around and walking in on you I would get mixed up who was who. With 37 applicants last time, I narrow it right down to less than 6 and offer them proper appointments. If they don’t show, I have my answer

Message viewers personally - use heir name and give them a mobile number and ask them to call you or message you if a problem on the day. Won’t totally stop no shows but certainly reduces them.
Remember though to us landlords a viewing is a chance to vet tenants - to the tenant it is just that , only a viewing, and they may be viewing several properties.

Personally I limit the number of viewings I conduct to particular dates - If people can’t get on that day i offer them a video viewing.

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