No Show Viewings -Timewasters

Why do so many tenants waste time?

I have had tenants not show up for viewings on so many occasions and then just not pick up calls, where is the common decency to let me know they changed their mind!

It is really frustrating, as so much time is wasted on waiting around for no -shows. I try and schedule back to back viewings but on the odd occasion there is just one viewing that i come in from out of town to do - and they don’t show. Makes me so @!!

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Rani .do you ask any questions first, thru openrent, to weed out those who do not fit your criteria before a viewing?

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HI - yes, a long list of questions in my auto response, and I always speak to them on a call before hand to run through criteria.

I think it is just the nature of some people,

Today I had someone request a 2nd viewing, returning with their other half, I had already met them, so was happy to do so. They then just ‘ghosted’ me :frowning:

Rani Hi, That is a feature of an inconsiderate society. I guess we just put up with it. You have done all you can.

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I had some experience too. Now I ask more questions
and t tried to find out their income, guarantor, etc before making any appointments.

But still we will find inconsiderate people.