Notice period break clause

My tenant wants to leave using the break clause . Do I accept notice at any point in the month after the break clause comes into effect or should I only accept it at the point of the next monthly payment? She is part way into month 5 now and break is from month 4, so do I accept notice now or from the next payment date? Thank you

What does the break clause say?

Really, it is up to you but better to stick to the terms of your tenancy agreement. Whatever you do, make sure you get all agreements in writing and clearly stated.

I would negotiate with them, I think it’s fair to say that the notice period would start after the next payment date. As long as you both agree and it is in writing somehow. I found this article quite helpful tbh - tenancy break clause

If the tenant has made up their mind they want to leave why make it hard for them? Just accept one month’s notice from the day its served, whenever that is and then re-advertise the property. Make it clear to the tenant that you’re doing the a favour by letting them go mid month so you expect them to accommodate viewings and leave the property extra clean when they move out.


Gary 9 totally agree if a tenant wants to leave let them go .There will always be another person looking for a place to live.