Open rent website

I was wondering if there has been anything with the website & status updates in the last week.
I was referencing a tenant, the status was ‘progressing’ for over 10 working days, so I called to check. I was told referencing had been completed several days before & all ok. The problem is I can not progress to contract stage until all referencing completed and shown as such on the website. I should add my email updates had stoped too.

I called again 36 hrs later and was able to change to comphrensive referencing but the site still showed speedy ref as being in progress.

Has anyone else had this or similar problems?
We have a move in date agreed, which may need to be postponed if this ‘glitch’ isn’t resolved. Any suggestions or solutions, other than dealing with next steps independently?

Hi Pauline,

I can see that this comprehensive reference got underway shortly after your post. The status of ongoing referencing can always be viewed here: