OpenRent blocking contact options - need more than 2 parties


I’ve added my contact details (phone and email) and reached out to a landlord who’s replied and said they don’t have any visibility of either phone number or email address AND I can’t see theirs either.

There’s no profile option that I can see to hide or reveal these values, so how is someone supposed to actually get to a point where they can communicate effectively with a landlord AND another relevant party?! We cannot INDEFINITELY use just the enquiry messaging chat.

The reason for the landlord enquiry is, I am currently the sponsor of a Ukrainian refugee who is working long shifts, full time within walking distance of the property, and he doesn’t have a computer. We BOTH need to be in the conversation - me during the day, the refugee to arrange viewing etc. So there are two phone numbers and two email addresses needed on our side, that need to be given to the landlord.

The landlord is saying they cannot progress my enquiry without my email address or phone number AND without the contact details for my house guest too. But if OpenRent actively prevents us sharing these details with the landlord…?

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That definitely sounds like an issue OpenRent needs to sort out - but in the meantime why can’t you supply this directly over the messaging platform you’re already using to communicate with the landlord?

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It only releases the contact details when requesting a viewing - if making an enquiry it BLOCKS my contact details from being shared. I’ve worked around it by sending a viewing request.

Brilliantly it STILL does it. The message sent to the prospective landlord has

(Email Removed)
(Number Removed)

Is it even removing “email (at) Gmail (dot) com” format?

It’s terrible to have to do that but at least then you can send the contact number without all this faff.

As a landlord, I can’t remember the last time I saw other than the name in the profile, I now ask for details in a message and always receive them

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