OpenRent help is useless

As others have said, OpenRent is great when everything is standard and as expected. But as soon as you have a query that is a little out of the ordinary, or something goes wrong, getting help is like getting blood out of a stone. I have been trying to correct/change something on the portal for 4 days, I’ve sent emails but I keep getting generic scripted replies that don’t answer the question. I’ve phoned and you just get an idiot call handler who says they will pass on a message, but no one ever calls me back. It’s quite telling that on their website there is literally no option for how to make a complaint against OpenRent.
They really need to up their game when dealing with non-standard enquiries. I can’t progress this tenancy without checking something with them, which means their incompetence is costing me money as the flat is currently empty and the new tenants can’t move in until I get an answer to my question. Not happy at all.

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