Paid for a service that Im not going to receive

Sad to complain but purchased a gas safety certificate through Open Rent. Was given the contact details of the company delivering the service, I contacted them to try and arrange a smaller time window rather than the 9am-1pm thats been offered. Having called four times earlier to the company and not getting through to anyone, I eventually spoke to an engineer who said he was unable to deliver the service. He is responsible for Kent and the Home Counties - my property is in Surrey.
Then tried to get the situation resolved, not to cancel but to actually receive the service that Ive paid for.

Having spoken to two open rent admin staff members but to no avail. I was told that I would receive a call earlier today but this hasn’t been completed. Email responses fail to address that no-one is delivering a service which I have paid for and no-one is able to confirm that a service is actually going to be delivered. in actual fact, the staff delivering the service has said the opposite.

Please deliver the service that Ive paid for and contact me via my mobile number to resolve this issue - preferably today.
Thanks very much.

Wrong place to deal with this.

How can I get someone to actually to resolve this?

Don’t know. Not in the community forum, We’re not staff, just regular people.

the staff will read all this and act. They usually do