Parents paying daughters rent

Who do I put on the contract when father wants to pay his daughters rent. Does her father’s name show as lead tenant although he would not be living at the property?
Should the referencing just be done on the father as he will be paying the rent?

I would reference both, you want to know the daughter s background . She will be living there. He is the garrantor in effect. He is not the tenant if he does not live there He may just be a generous dad, or there may be a hidden background


Thanks Colin, I think daughter needs to go on contract as lead tenant which enables the father to be added to the contract as a guarantor. If the father isn’t going to live at the property I don’t think he should be lead tenant.


I agree with Colin3 the Reference Check is much more than a check on affordability, it offers much more than that. Daughter = Lead Tenant, Father = Guarantor.


Thanks for that but not sure if I or they have to alter how they have set themselves up on the initial contract prior to referencing.

Just keep it simple. Why complicate matters with a Guarantor, people who cannot afford the rent, pets etc. which are OK until something goes wrong. My advice is its your decision who you rent too and be patient the right tenant will come along.

Everyone works differently ,if for a few tax deductable pounds, you get piece of mind with a guarrantor, do,it…

All sorted now thanks. Daughter is lead tenant and dad guarantor and full referencing on both. Thanks for the advice.