Part payment option

Hi I think it would be useful if a partial payment option was made available when using openrent collet service. Eg I as a landlord have agreed a staged or part-payment with a tenant, eg they pay half today and half Monday (late) but would be good if we could somehow indicate or noted that it is ‘agreed’. Don’t know if that’s feasible or even a good idea, but something to think about.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your thoughts on this. Partial payments within Rent Now - and for ongoing payments of rent - are totally fine.

In terms of this reflecting on the Rent Collection page, I do see why this can be useful where arrangements are made directly with the tenant.

As many landlords will be aware, our automated email prompts will continue where payment is overdue, though these can simply be ignored if you and your tenant have agreed on certain (late) payment dates).

I’ll share your thoughts on this with the team. Any other comments or feedback, do just let me know.