Pay Partial Amount By International Bank Transfer?

So here’s the situation, we’re a group of 4, all agreed with the landlord, and have to send our payment for the deposit and for the first month’s rent.
Of the 4 of us only I have a British Bank account, the other 3 have foreign bank accounts. What’s more, they can’t use Transferwise to pay their part of the deposit+1st month’s rent as their country is under capital controls.

I’ve talked this over with the landlord and he agreed to wait the 3-4 working days an International Bank Transfer would take. My issue thus is more of a technical nature:
Could I make my share of the payment via British Debit card, while the other 3 make their (partial) payment via International Bank Transfer? I am asking because the sole button available under IntBankTrnsf says
“I have sent payment for the remaining [FULL SUM]” and I am this not sure if having 1 “normal” partial payment and 3 “not normal” partial payments is something supported by the system in place.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hi Konstantinos,

Yes, as long as you pay the full balance you can use a combination of payment methods : e.g. one debit card payment and three international bank transfers. That would work fine.

If you pay the partial amount by debit card via the website, the balance payable will update to the new amount. We’ll notify all parties by email once the full balance of deposit and first month’s rent is received.

Email the team at if you need more help!

Thanks for the info, Sam!

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