Tenancy starting end of January

Hi I have a tenancy starting end of January can I pay partial payments until then to get balance down as I have the money so I would just like to every 500 I get send it in to open rent so I don’t use it.

  1. If I pay before the 29th January my move in date can I move in earlier as landlords tenant move the 4th January
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A lot of landlords won’t accept partial payments as it can create a mess about proving what payment goes towards what month.

I also wouldn’t suggest paying more than a deposit to hold the property before you’re scheduled to move in. There are scams out there and they could take your money and run!

You can open a separate bank account to put it in so you don’t accidentally spend it.

For your second question: that’s up to your landlord. Your landlord will likely want time to go in, deal with any damages and cleaning, do inspections, etc. And there maybe covid restrictions about how soon you can move in.

It’s possible you could sign something acknowledging the landlord wasn’t able to do cleaning/repairs and move in sooner. That will mean your lease will start sooner and you’ll still have to pay for that time.

Hi I was saying pay partial until my move in date my landlord is from on open rent so hopefully all is well as I’m doing a big move.

Like E.g pay £500 this week £500 next and so on until my move in date 29th January as I’m doing deposit and first months rent but claiming it back on housing benefit

Talk to the landlord, then. It’s up to them.

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I’d go with what Ryan42 is suggesting. As a landlord, I would not accept part payments in this way as it would all need to be carefully documented. Open Separate bank account and pay in one go.

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I agree with Ryan42. This is not something you should ask a landlord. For one thing it would send them the message that you are not very good at budgeting.

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That’s a good point, it is a red flag. It’s not clear if a lease has been signed or not. Even if it has, the landlord could still choose to cancel it if they aren’t convinced the person is a good tenant.

I would also be worried this would become a long-term habit- would the tenant expect the landlord to start being their accountant and track how much rent has been paid over multiple times a month? No thank you.

@Bianca2 This is your move and if you want to ask for this instead of either keeping track of it for 6 weeks or just opening a separate bank account- then you can ask the landlord.

It is not a normal request. It is not a reasonable request. There are many dangers about it on both sides and it could blow up in your face.

But you 100% can still choose to ask the landlord.

Ok didn’t see it as a big deal I’m good with budgeting I just get paid every two weeks so having the money there I just thought I should send it over my new landlord didn’t want any money until mid/end of January

I just thought if I have it there I should send it over

Nothing to do with me not having it or not being able to have it

You specifically said “so I don’t use it” in your first post. If you’re good at budgeting then that shouldn’t be a concern.

Holding onto it serves you better because it gives you more negotiating power, should it come to that, and flexibility.

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