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Please help I went with a landlord and now been left homeless

Please can anyone help.
I found a property on here. I was very honest that my credit score was low, no ccjs no debt just a low score from having nothing out to build it up. The landlord went ahead I pay the deposit and arranged a move in date. Gave my landlord notice. (I’ve been looking for somewhere since January) the landlords selling but was very helpful giving us time to find somewhere. Anyway we agreed a move in date with the new landlord and then she pulled out as she didn’t like that the score was low. I had a guarantor ready to go ahead as I can understand being weary with a stranger, she said guarantor wasn’t enough. I had full reference from my landlord that I’ve lived here 7 years I’ve never been late on paying etc and work . My current property is now up for auction and I’ve no where to go.
I don’t know what to do.
There’s no property’s suitable for me and my family. I’m looking for a large 3 bed or 4 bed in Lincoln. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

Have you told your current landlord the new place has fallen through?
If it’s being sold at auction lots of properties sold this way are sold with a tenant in-situ. Some prospective landlords prefer this so your current landlord may be prepared to sell with you as a tenant especially as you say there were no issues with rent arrears etc.
Obviously there’s the possibility that a new landlord would serve you notice to quit but it would buy you some time.

Did your current landlord serve you a Section 21 notice?