Poor service froim OpenRent referencing


Has anyone experience poor service from OpenRent referencing? I’ve started referencing of two tenants yesterday evening and it seems that only one tenant has been sent for referencing to the agency (payment clearly shows two individuals and charge for two). Despite numerous calls to OpenRent I’m not being provided with any update or timeline to resolve this as the team have to send my query to a central team. I’m very disappointed and frustrated with the service and manor in which this is being dealt with. Can anyone advise as it’s creating a delay to the process.


Hi Mian, sorry to hear of your frustration here.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to proceed with referencing until the tenants each consent to it and verify their email addresses. I can see they have both done this now, and referencing is currently ongoing. You can check the status of the references anytime by logging in to your account, heading to ‘Manage’, then ‘Services’, then ‘Referencing’ and clicking on the relevant person.

You can see our guidelines for time limits here:

The time limits are only a guide, and the reports can be completed sooner or later than the estimated time period depending on how quickly the information is provided to our referencing partner.

We hope this helps, and do also feel free to ring our referencing partner on the details provided in the article above, if you’d like any specific updates on the information on the reports. Thanks, Elinor