Problems starting an AST via Rent Now/Tenancy Creation

I have been unable to initiate the process for creating an AST via Tenancy Creation or Rent Now. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Hi Amanda, if you have created a listing on the OpenRent site, then you just need to ask the tenants to press the Rent Now button and place a holding deposit. From there, you will receive email guidance every step of the way.

There’s more info here:


Thanks Sam. The new tenants have said they couldn’t find a way to pay prior to signing a contract - is that the case? In turn, I couldn’t find a way to actually create a lease document. Seemed to be a circular problem…

The tenants will have no fees to pay. They will only pay:

  • a holding deposit
  • a tenancy deposit
  • rent

You, also, do not need to pay anything up front.

The £49 for Rent Now will simply be deducted from your first month’s rent.

Hope that helps!

ive just listed for the first time…I had to pay upfront? why was this ?

When did you expect to pay?

The post above said the £49 was deducted from first months rent so thats confused me as had to pay when I placed the ad (which is fine) …just looking for clarification TY