Recommended Contractor for Windows in London

Hi, I am a new landlord who has little experience on maintenance work. Does anyone have a recommended contractor (economically friendly) for repairing windows in London?

One of my windows is separated from the window hinge due to extensive wind. The window is supposed to be opened on the left and fixed on the right (see picture 1). However, the top right window hinge is not connected to the window anymore (see picture 2), leaving only one window hinge on the bottom right holding the window (see picture 3). My concern is the window could potentially dismount from the window frame completely in the coming days.

Thank you.

London is a big place, so don’t know if this one will be close enough for you? All Window Services LTD

South East London - Woolwich

Look up glazier (and double glazing if double glazed) in your phone search box for a local company.

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Well, I think my suggestion is probably near enough. 19 min (7.6 miles) via Eastern Way/A2016. Give them a call on 0800 990 3093.

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