Tenant Reference Fail due to single income declared

An excellent prospective tenant failed referencing because he didn’t include his wife’s salary (he only input his own) and therefore the rental price was deemed to be unaffordable by the Open Rent automated check. What should I do or what can he do to correct that situation? Their joint incomes clearly are more than sufficient to cover the rent.

Moreover, having failed their referencing, I cannot now apply for rent insurance.

Didn’t you order referencing for his wife ?

His wife was not included on the application. He just mentioned he had a wife and wrote down her salary.

Should he have included her as a joint tenant, or a second tenant on his original application?

Her salary is similar to his, so if she were referenced individually, she would also fail presumably. But combined, they have a very high income.

I have just read that a second tenant can be added to the application. If he does this, and his wife becomes the second tenant, can their joint income then be used to help them pass the affordability test?

All adults should be referenced and named on the tenancy. Their combined income can be used to pass affordability.


Sounds very odd. Does the wife have a Right to Rent and a permanent contract or is he trying to hide something? You can ask him to apply again as joint tenants and order new references for both if you still have confidence in him.

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