Refrence Check Guide

we have two couples, and triggered reference check only for husbands as they will be main persons who will be paying rent,

there reference check failed with affordability issues

should we trigger there wives reference check as well, they are on student visa, and hardly earn 800 pounds per month both wives.

one of them is renewing the Visa By January then she can work full time as a carer.

its only one month left, so there affordability will increase after that.

Any suggestions welcomed, what will you do in this situation?

Failed affordability? Move to another applicant

I would agred with the above, especialky as you would likely have extra costs, this being an HMO.

I feel that you want them as tenant so just go ahead as you are trying to find solutions to their problem. If this is not the case you need to move on to a different tenant. It also sounds like wive’s job will be a form of zero hour contract so it cannot be considered stable source of income.

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