Rejection ignored

Arranged viewing but tenant didn’t show he then sent a message stating he would take flat unseen. I rejected him then he resubmitted sending message " thank you for accepting me" when I hadn’t. He then sent a message saying he would like to move in 2 days time when there’s No contract or agreement. He’s unemployed when the Advert states employers reference required. He also sent phone texted as if nothing wrong. Do I reject again or ignore?

Is he sending a message to your phone or Openrent? either way reject and ignore he is Trouble

Hi Peter, you can ignore this tenant if you have rejected them once. If you would like further support on how to proceed or report this account, then you can email


Thank you both. If reject him would he be able to resubmit and leave a holding deposit time and time again thereby blocking a tenant that I want to be able to leave their deposit? P

sam would be best able to answer this. I hope they can block him for you as he will likely try it on with another Landlord. This is one of the hassles of being a landlord, just dont give in , you dont need this guy

Hi Peter, tenants are not able to place holding deposits (HDs) without your permission. They can request to place one, and then as you know, you will be able to either accept or reject their request. If you don’t want to proceed, you should reject as soon as possible, but even if you don’t, then this request to place a HD will not block other tenants from placing a HD.