Rent Income Insurance for Tenancies over 12 months

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I’ve just found a tenant through Open Rent & we have agreed a 2 year fixed term lease with no break clause for either party. We’re both happy with that - they have security of tenure & I save the hassle & expense of potentially needing to find a new tenant in a year. However, the longest minimum term Open Rent’s rent guarantee insurance can cover is 12 months - i.e. after 10 months, the tenant or the landlord can give notice.

Has anyone found a rent insurance policy that would cover a longer minimum period please ? (preferably 2 years fixed with no break).

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You just need to renew it after the initial twelve months. It’s very quick and easy.

Thanks for your reply Clive. Neither of us want to have to renew after 12 months though, as there is the option for either party to not renew at that point. What we’d like to do is a 24 month fixed term lease with no break clause, but apparently that cannot be insured for rent income.


I was referring to the rent guarantee insurance not the fixed contract. Then, when the tenancy agreement expires after 24 months and automatically switches to a statutory periodic tenancy (assuming both you and the tenant are happy for this to happen) you can renew the rent guarantee insurance once again and continue to do so annually. This does not affect the tenancy agreement and would not introduce an opportunity for either party to break it before the 24 months have elapsed.

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