Rent Logs - Online payemnt

Hi All

Do you need to provide tenants a rent log and receipt of online payments ?

Only if you are paid weekly

Nice one thank you very much

@David122 does it matter? if the tenant wants receipt every time he/she pays rent (weekly, monthly, bi annually), if you have a way of generate invoice/receipt, do one and email across. I dont think it should be a problem

Well that wasn’t the question that Narinder1 asked. He wanted to know if it was strictly necessary, which in general it is not. We don’t actually know if the tenant has requested it. However, with regard to your point, it is extra administration which always has a cost, especially for properties let through an agent. I wonder if a tenant that did request it would be willing to pay for it through increased rent?

Hi thanks that was the ask apologies if I was not clear