Rent reduction due to damp


My tenants have decided that they would like to terminate their lease early, due to a leak from above in the kitchen and possible damp issues elsewhere in the flat (I’m awaiting confirmation from independent damp surveyor).

I have agreed to an early surrender of the lease but they are now asking for a 50% reduction of the last months rent as they feel the flat is uninhabitable, which they would like to be taken from the deposit rather than paid in advance as per their contract. I have said no to this and said any late payment will be charged interest.

I am open to offering them a discount once i have all the facts, are there any guides on how to work out how much to give or any advice?

Many thanks

If the flat was uninhabitable, they wouldnt still be there. I would offer 20%-30% depending on the extent of the problem.

If the leak is from the kitchen from the flat above why have they not reported it to you or have they? and you have not had it repaired if the latter is the case then give them a very small reduction in the rental.
if they have not reported it until now then they are just looking for excuses not to pay so give them nothing.
regarding the other damp, inspect it and you will probably find it is condensation from lack of air flow, they will not have used the extractor fans (if any) or had windows open if this is the case pay them nothing.

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