Rental property electrical tests

What electrical tests are now mandatory.

Hi Haydn, that would depend on your situation which you haven’t disclosed, if you contact your local housing sector (Council) they will advise further.

In any event my suggestion is not to have any interest in the question and just have the checks done regardless to provide piece of mind whilst showing you are a Fit and Proper Landlord, i have been doing so for over a decade myself.

Hi Haydn, we have a guide to all landlords’ legal requirements, including electrical duties, here:


While Sam’s link gives you all that you need to know, it may not have been specific enough, with particular regard to new and existing tenancies.

An “Electrical installation”,, “Condition Report” (EICR) Report costing £129 covers “fixed electrical cables or fixed electrical equipment",, that meets the 18th edition of BS 7671: 2018©) is required at regular intervals (up to 5 years) by 1/4/21 for existing tenancies, and before new ones after 1/7/20, with remedial work to be taken within 28 days, accompanied by a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate where remedial action was only necessary on a single circuit within the property.

For your information, Portable Equipment Testing for electrical apparatus that you supply, while recommended, is not yet a legal requirement, and is not needed for tenant owned and supplied electrical devices. Yet these portable devices, and extension cables, result in a far larger proportion of household fires than does the installed wiring within the property, so they are worth checking if you have any doubt as to their condition.

In the current Covid19 situation, you are expected to provide proof that you have made several attempts to meet legal requirements if you find that you have been unable to do so.

On an email sent out by openrent on the 12th of February it was saying that an EICR is required for all ongoing tendencies from the April 2021. Is that correct?

There shouldn’t be anyone questioning this, just get the checks done regardless and be competent

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