Renting as an agency worker

My partner and I are trying to rent a property and I have failed my referencing as I am on a temporary contract (I assume, as my credit rating is good and I am classed low risk). I have been working for the same employer for the last three and a quarter years and they are happy for me to relocate (from London to Liverpool) as I am working remotely and have been since the end of March. I have a guarantor, and have offered to send some payslips to the landlord for confirmation of my income as I know my agency could only confirm my hourly rate. He also on Friday requested something confirming my working situation, which my manager said he is happy to do and will email over tomorrow.

This afternoon he has sent a text message asking me if I can get something from my work in writing, saying they intend to keep me on for the next six months to a year. I am only ever employed on three month contracts which have always been auto renewed. I am not comfortable asking them for this but equally don’t want the landlord to think I am not serious about the property. I’m really not sure what to do now as I would have thought having a guarantor would be adequate. For clarity, my partner also needs a guarantor as he is self employed.

Is this normal? I understand that in the current situation people’s employment is less stable, but I thought that was the whole point of having a guarantor? I had less trouble renting when I was a student, in London (at almost double the rent).

It so happens I am In Liverpool… Most landlords are nervous about new tenants. and especially self employed Tho I have been s/e for 50 years. A guarrantor is a big help… I had a tenant with no job as she was moving into the area , her dad paid 6 months upfront and by then she had a job and paid her way. A great tenant. If you have trouble let me know as I a know couple of other good landlords

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