Renting out a room within a flat

Has anyone had the experience of using Openrent to rent out a single room within a two bedroom flat.

Last year I had quite a few decent enquiries on OpenRent for a room in a 2-bed flat, and it made me think this site had promise as an alternative to SpareRoom.

But trying again this past month, it’s been very quiet.

I haven’t paid for the Zoopla / RightMove upgrade but doubtful if it’d make a difference.

Right move is tops I have usually found my homes and properties on there ,never the other sites

But we’re just talking about individual rooms within existing properties. So I’d think SpareRoom is no.1.

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Right Move is the only one that matters! (Out of openrent/RM/zoopla/gum tree)

no experience of spare room so I bow to your judgement

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But again for advertising one room within a flat, which is what OP is asking about, RightMove is not where many people would look.

Why not? It caters for rooms. It gets more traffic than the rest put together. For the few pounds it costs to upgrade against the potential gain it’s a no brainer.

I’m not saying spare rooms doesn’t work but you’re saying you doubt people bother to look on right move for rooms.

I guess because the mostly young single people (students and professionals) who look for rooms within existing flat and house-shares are much more invested in knowing who they will be living with.

So the property-focussed portal sites RightMove and Zoopla wouldn’t feel appropriate.

SpareRoom allows prospective tenants / lodgers to have profile pages where they can upload up to 9 photos, post videos, and also write as much as they like about themselves and what they’re looking for. Something OpenRent could also learn from, to be honest!

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