Renting out property in December?

Hi everyone,
I’d appreciate if you can share your experiences with me on this one: The house I recently purchased is now ready to be rented out. Considering the time of year being close to Xmas, should I advertise it now and arrange viewings from early January? Or is it best to wait until after the holiday period and start advertising in January?‌ Have you been able to rent your property around this time of the year? My concern is that if I advertise it now, the ad might go down in the list by early January when people start to search. Some also believe that there might be some desperate renters who want to move even at this time of the year…Is it worth trying it now? Obviously, no landlord would be happy to reduce the rent because of low response, so am trying to time this in the best possible way. Thanks everyone for their input.

personally I would wait till the holliday is over ,unless the Gov places a ban on lettings . Who knows??

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@Colin3 Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

I have one flat empty to rent but waiting for to advertise in
January. So I would suggest to just wait for a few more weeks

i always get my adverts in straight away, the sooner the better. re letting is tricky over xmas and often its people who have had “domestics” and are desperate, however these tend not to be the most reliable tenants.
just put in the advert starting viewings on such and such and block in a couple of days for it in the new year. remember several will have put in notice for jan 31st and will be looking quite hard say from jan 4th onwards. i dont see a downside in getting an ad in now as long as you say perhaps in the auto reply facility you will get back to them after xmas