Advertising my property

My property won’t be ready for viewing till early January. Do you think I should advertise it now or wait till nearer the time. Thoughts anyone?

There are many tenancy agreements that have a clause that stipulates the tenant has to make the property available for viewings during the last 2 months of the tenancy so there are many LL that advertise and conduct viewings during this time in the hope of minimising any void periods. It’s a matter of personal choice. Personally I prefer to advertise at the end of a tenancy when the property will be empty of all the tenants belongings so I can give it a good clean and touch up the paintwork before taking photos and conducting viewings.

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Hi Chris
thanks for your reply. My tenants are leaving on the 18 December and I’m having the house refurbed ready for viewing in January. I agree its always better to view when the house is at its best and empty. Being as I won’t be ready to view till the 5th January I wondered if it was too early to advertise. My instincts tell me to advertise now but I’m not sure.

wait till all is ready you will have enough replies

Hi Joy, I find that letting the property when it is empty is so much better. No hassle from existing tenants in terms of arranging viewings and IMO properties look so much better when they are empty….certainly rooms look bigger when they are not cluttered with tenants belongings. Also I have found that advertising in late nov / early Dec is the worse time of year to advertise….fewer tenants want to move this time of year, and also if you are refurbing, I suggest you wait until completed as viewers see the property at its best. Whatever you do ….good luck

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